Make Your Own Buttons (minimum 30 buttons of the same size) Please follow the instructions below.
  1. Click on the size of button you would like to download the appropriate template.
  2. Design your buttons. Either, print out the template and draw directly onto the paper, or, design them on the computer. Keep your design inside the dotted lines.
  3. If you haven’t already, print your finished button template/s. It is very important that you print onto regular weight photocopy paper and that you print as many copies as you will need.
  4. Double check that your printed template is the right size by measuring inside the dotted lines. This will be the finished size of your button.
  5. Call the store at 604 877 2247 to let us know when you would like to stop by to make your buttons.
  6. Prices:.
    Less than 30 buttons – all sizes - $2 each.
    More than 30 buttons – 1” buttons = 50 cents each,
    1 ¼” = 60 cents,
    1 ½” = 65 cents, 2 ¼” = 70 cents.
    (Sorry, there is no discount for large quantities.)

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