Buttons Galore

Since the very beginning we have been obsessed with buttons, or depending on where you are from… also sometimes known as pins or badges. The potential of these small collectible items is endless, and we have made tens, if not hundreds of thousands of buttons over the years with the same sturdy machines we purchased before opening our doors in 2005.  Buttons adorn our greeting cards, come in themed packs that we design & assemble and can be made by our customers with felts & a little imagination.

When we opened our second location in Victoria, we knew we wanted to have button makers there as well. Not only did we want to have a button making station similar to our Vancouver shop, where customers could sit down anytime to draw or type something to be made into a button straight away, but we also knew that our new shop was too small to be able to have much studio space, so button making seemed like the perfect thing to keep idle hands busy when there were no customers in sight.

Between the two shops, we have a mostly organized, albeit slightly chaotic system of inventories, printouts, lists of buttons to be made & shipping procedures to ferry the parts and completed buttons to & fro. When they arrive at our Vancouver location, ready for us to affix them to a card or pack them into a button set, they have already been on a great adventure.

We are continually inspired to design new and clever buttons to amuse ourselves & our customers alike. And we also encourage anyone stopping by to make an original button… whether it be from the scribbles of a small child, the hand of a talented artist or a typewritten inside joke that no one but your friend Samantha will understand… the possibilities are absolutely endless.

Brandy Fedoruk
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