We do love our typewriters! Unfortunately none of ours are for sale. We like to hoard them & admire them & use them. POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: *** We always have a couple set up for your use at both locations. Come in and write a letter any day for a nominal fee.
We also host a monthly Letter Writing Club in case you'd like to meet other typewriter enthusiasts.  ***
As for repairs, we don't offer this service and it is getting harder and harder to find experts in this field. A lot of the time typewriters just need a good cleaning with some compressed air, a little oil to loosen the joints and a new ribbon. The good news is that we do sell a Universal Typewriter Ribbon which fits most manual machines. The spools measure 2 inches in diametre. We carry all black or black & red.
If you are looking to buy a typewriter it is always fun to keep your eye out at flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores. Also, in Vancouver, our friends at Stepback usually have a nice selection. And if you are in Victoria, might we suggest Zeitgiest.
Happy typing!


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