Button Making

Make your own buttons in our stores. Stop by anytime to draw or type something on our templates provided. We have 4 sizes and they are $2 each. If you are looking to make a minimum of 30 buttons of the same size, please follow the instructions below and leave time to drop off and pick up your buttons. Orders ready within a couple days.
At this time are not offering DIY button making, but we are happy to make them for you.
  1. Click on links below to download the appropriate template.
    1 inch    1 ¼ inch    1 ½ inch    2 ¼” inch  
  2. Design your buttons. Either, print out the template and draw directly onto the paper, or, design them on the computer. Keep your design inside the dotted lines. Once this is done, the dotted line can be taken away so it doesn't show on the edge of your button. If there is a background colour, let it bleed to the solid line. Leave the solid line for easier cutting with our machine.
  3. If you haven’t already, print your finished button template/s. It is very important that you print onto regular weight photocopy paper and that you print as many copies as you will need. Also, to avoid problems, make sure your printer is set to print at 100%.
  4. Double check that your printed template is the right size by measuring inside the dotted lines. This will be the finished size of your button.
  5. No need to cut out the circles, we have a fancy machine for that.
  6. Call the store to let us know when you would like to stop by to make your buttons. Vancouver: 604 877 2247  Victoria: 778 265 6067  
  7. For an extra fee of 25 ¢ / button we are happy to make them for you. You will still need to get us your printed templates and please allow a few days for us to make them for you.                                                                                    
    Size         You Make Them          We Make Them
    1 inch          50 ¢ / button           75 ¢ / button
    1 ¼ inch          60 ¢ / button           85 ¢ / button
    1 ½ inch           65 ¢ / button           90 ¢ / button
    2 ¼” inch            70 ¢ / button           95 ¢ / button

    (Sorry, there is no discount for large quantities)


      1. Q. Do my buttons all have to be the same design?
        A.  No, they can be 30 completely different designs, or 30 identical designs, it’s up to you.
      2. Q.  Can I make buttons out of photos?
        A.  Yes, but they must be colour copied onto regular weight photocopy paper first.
      3. Q.  Do I need to cut the circles out before I come in?
        A.  No, we have a special circle cutter to make life easier.
      4. Q.  Can I make more than one size of button?
        A.  Yes, but you must make a minimum of 30 buttons of each size for the discounted prices.
      5. Q.  Can you help me design my buttons?
        A.  No, sorry we do not offer design services.
      6. Q. Can you print them for me?
        A. No, sorry we do not have a printer in shop.                           
      7. Q.  How long will it take to make 30 buttons?
        A.  We would suggest giving yourself at least one hour.
      8. Q. Is it hard to do?
        A. We believe in you and can show you how. It is handy to have a friend. One of you can cut circles with one machine while the other makes the buttons.
      9. Q.  Are there different prices if I am making more than 30? 50? 100?
        A.  No, but if you need to make hundreds, Six Cent Press is a great Vancouver option and also sells machines.
      10.  Q. Do you rent out your button makers. 
          A. No, sorry we don't rent them out.

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