The Regional Assembly of Text


The Regional Assembly of Text is a Canadian stationery & gift store owned by the two of us, Brandy Fedoruk & Rebecca Dolen. While attending the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, we collaborated on a number of projects and curated a series of book shows together. After graduating in 2003 we decided to put our minds & hands to work. The result of which, was our very own little store. Our Vancouver B.C. location was opened in August of 2005. In March of 2013 we opened a second tiny shop in scenic downtown Victoria B.C.

Focusing on text as a theme, our stores feature many lovely things designed and built by us. We are inspired by all things nostalgic: vintage office supplies, old textbooks, maps & product design from days gone by. Our stores endeavour to create an atmosphere of delight, curiosity & enjoyment for our customers.

Perhaps you will visit us in person one day. 

We also wholesale most of the products designed by us to other lovely retail shops across Canada, the United States and overseas.


Brandy Fedoruk

Title: Co-founder, Partial President & Answerer of Telephone.
Brandy is of Ukrainian heritage, with all four of her great grandparents making their way to Alberta as children a long long time ago. She would like it to be known that in her family the proper way to say pierogi is puh-dah-heyh. While growing up on Vancouver Island she developed a love for the sea & later spent some time sailing upon it.
Likes: most shades of green, olives, sleeping, sour cream & secret admirers.
Dislikes: seasickness & putting the duvet back in the duvet cover.

Rebecca Ann Dolen

Title: Co-founder, Partial President & Locator of Lost Items.
Rebecca spent the early years of her life moving from one small town to another across the prairies of Alberta. Now she’s all grown up, and spends most of her free time investigating the connection between foot shape and food preference after recently discovering she has identical feet and a very similar taste palate to her grandmother.
Likes: riding mine bike, drawing, kittens, marching bands & fireworks.
Dislikes: tomatoes, messy, angry!

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