From Analog to Digital

From Analog to Digital

Our analog roots are strong, sometimes too strong, holding us stubbornly in place. When The Regional Assembly of Text opened its doors in 2005 we were recent Fine Arts graduates from The Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. Our brains were full. And our hands, they were inky from screen printing, slivered from woodworking, raw from dark room chemicals, sticky from collaging, sore from drawing, cut from the metal shop and dirty from scrounging for supplies in nearby dumpsters. Apart from writing essays and checking our new hotmail accounts, we had barely touched a computer, let alone learned any design skills.


Over the last fifteen years, we’ve taught ourselves a number of digitally useful things on a ‘need to know’ basis. After all, problem solving is the essence of small business ownership. And although we use our newly acquired computer skills as design tools to speed up process and maximize efficiency, we always start with a pencil and paper, our hearts firmly planted in an analog world.


We are inspired by the simplicity of days gone by. Old textbooks, maps & dictionaries line our studio bookshelves. We marvel over vintage packaging, mouldy receipts and dusty report cards. We fill drawers with historical postcards, postage stamps and outdated pamphlets. And we greedily hoard typewriters & old office supplies for fear of forgetting where we came from.


This new website is our heartfelt attempt to join the digital age, so we can spread our love of analog far & wide.

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