Longing for Travel

Longing for Travel

 1. Paper Banners – Mexico   2. Fortune – United States   3. Postage Stamps – Czech Republic   4. Embroidered Letter B – Mexico   5. Geometric Rubber Stamp – Mexico   6. Apple Cocktail Garnish – Costa Rica   7. Writing Utensils – Japan   8. Arms & Legs – Mexico   9. Crane Rasp & Wooden Brush – Japan   10. Miniature Tabbed Dividers – Japan   11. Miniature Stationery Products – Mexico   12. ½ Jug – Mexico   13. ABC Notebook – Unknown   14. Metal Clips – Japan   15. Stencil Brush – Mexico   16. B & R Tiles – Spain   17. Air Mail Envelope – Philippines   18. Exercise Book – Thailand   19. Postage Stamp Packaging – New Zealand   20. Labels with Red Border - Brazil

It has been a few years since either of us has taken flight, and we are missing the way travel sparks our creativity, overloads our senses and fills our brains with weird & wonderful ideas. It is a time to reset and refresh, coming back with inspiration & excitement about the creative work we do. It also restores our energy to tackle all the seemingly endless and annoying tasks that come with owning a small business. 

We have both always loved travel and were lucky enough to be able to make it a priority from the very beginning, giving each other time & space each year to take off & explore. Over the course of the pandemic, we made do with alley walks & city adventures, graduating to short road trips & island bike camping expeditions. 

Although these small trips have allowed us to do one of our favourite things… plan… and our second favourite thing… look forward to a trip, the anticipation of traveling somewhere unknown has been sorely missed. The scenery of home has become all too familiar and we are longing for an adventure into the unknown, with our eyes peeled for colourful delights that bring us the sense of awe we crave & cherish. 

To cheer us up during these cold, dark and rainy winter months… and in anticipation of traveling once again, we have compiled a collection of some of our favourite travel finds in the photo above, for you to ogle over and enjoy. 



Brandy Fedoruk
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